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Please note that all models I shoot will be cover girls for Dreamstage Studio e-Magazine, that I'm working on a DEMO and will be up by the week of DEC 5 2010.

If you add me I will send you a message asking for the reason for your friend request or you send me a message with your friend request. If I add you its because I want to work with you,that way I have you close by.

Hi I'm Angel, a new photographer from Yuma County,Arizona but I also visit Ventura County frequently. Photography is a passion that I've had for some time now and just recently started shooting. I'm fun to work with as they say,always on time and ready to make magic.

For TFCD please ask, don't be shy. We can come up with an idea that will benefit both of us.

Its ok if you want to bring en escort to a shoot as long as they let me do my job and you do yours. Also one important point,if you travel and I'm paying for your expenses, you are the model not your escort. I will not pay escort expenses.

I do indoor studio shoots and outdoor. I will travel if i have to but mostly I'll keep it local. I also do shoots in Mexico mostly Sonora and Baja California, but again if i have to travel I will.

Please comment my work and fell free to send me a message if you want to contact me. All my info is there if you want to say hi to me or send me an idea.

If you are in one of my lists please hit me up. Who knows maybe we can get together for a shoot.

Thank you all for your comments and tags. Ill return the favor.If I don't, let me know don't be shy its the right thing to do.



11 Jan 11 13:56
I love your work. The concepts you have in your portfolio are quite stunning. http://www.zarihsretouching.com/
09 Jan 11 14:42
Thank-you for the listing! :-)
09 Jan 11 05:51
Welcome to Istudio and looking good your work!!!
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