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About Me

Paint the canvass of life, draw freely with your imagination, life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

Previous related art projects/work:
postcard photography
portraiture photography at One World Photo Studio
abstract/modern art/indie-art Art Of Your Mind exhibitions
Because I Like It Vintage Omega Watch macro photography

Blemish free, supermodel-look, "slim down by a Photoshop mouse pointer" is not what I achieve here.

Styles and Principles:
1. Natural light / camera flash
2. Street make-up 5-10 minute make-up / application
3. Backgrounds may not be replaced or added to (no direct manipulation)
4. Any texture alteration must be applied to the entire image ~ basic tweak
5. Reduce studio setting and fake lights. The studio is out there, impromptu, a wall.
6. Longterm symbiosis is better than one-off. Collaborations, and giving heads up to new projects together.

Project A: The idea this project I am working on is regarding the modern Bangkok girl female and the various levels of frustrations between culture, freedom, counter-culture, being a female, yet in a paradox of extreme ends of desires.

Project B: music video project, shooting using HD camera, need a natural subject that is exploring traveling and perhaps she would do some vocals on it. Have composed a few tunes to go with it and mixing up with some DJ work. (**on hold)

Project C: model to be in yoga-like postures so anyone who is rather nimble, (not necessary done yoga), can join. This will be a fusion of two forms of art, Japanese and India origins. And surely excites the audience, thought provoking, sensual spiritual fusion and open a lot more challenges and opportunities.

Paying work: Your previous work nor beauty does not naturally qualify as suitable for projects and demanding large sums of money.



29 Jul 14 23:06
Wonderful work!
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