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About Me

I was rasied on a cattle ranch here in California. In 1957 I took a photography class, and things sort of took off from there. Over the years I also expanded to doing watercolors, oil painting, and pastels as well as photography. My other forms of art are almost all done from photographic reference prints that I have created.

After many years of doing many things, including all types of commercial studio work, I all but retired and have now limited myself to doing only fine art images. From time to time, a project may need a model or two. All of my work these days end up in galleries, as framed fine art images. I have won many awards over the years, including a gold medal in an international print salon, with entries from all over the world.

When I have a project in mind where I would like to use models, I work very closely with the model, or models, before the shooting session, so that everyone is a creative participant. While I have done many fine art nudes over the years, not every project requires a nude model; however, that option does allow for more creative options. When I first work with a model, we meet first over coffee, etc. to get to know one another. If we agree to put together an actual shooting session, I will bring an assistant (for my protection and the protection of the model), and I encourage the model to also bring a friend. . .for the same reasons.

From time to time, I will likely post a few more of my images. If any model likes what they see, please contact me here and we can explore our working together to create some fine art gallery images. I am pretty much open to anything creative; however, the bikini and big high heels thing pretty much leaves me cold as far as being fine art.

I hold three college/university degrees, was a seasonal naturalist with the U.S. Park Service while in college, and am a two tour Viet Nam vet.


I recently went to the Victorville, CA area and shot with Jody Kovac (371022) and Brittany Eisert (2095457). I urge you to check out their profiles, and can honestly say that the day that I spent shooting with these two ladies was one of my best shoots ever, notwithstanding the bad weather. I hope to shoot with them again in the near future.

Model Manzanita (3150567) is without a doubt one of the best models I have ever worked with, as well as being one of the youngest. She is a real pro, and I hope to work with her again someday. Shooting with her in Yosemite was wonderful experience; however, the hike about killed this old man! Find her and shoot with her if you can.

Lusciousvixen (3170794) is without a question one of the sweetest and most delightful ladies that I have ever photographed. She is an absolute delight, and I would shoot with her again in a heart beat!


20 Jan 14 20:09
Amazing port. Best of luck to you :)
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