About Me

Am based in Cebu Philippines and Completely In love with Photography its my second love first being my love for adventure sports but am trying my hand out in photography one step at a time!!

I love to Travel been to many countries in Asia and completed India tip to tip(which is NOT easy trust me)

Lately ive been really fantasied with Nudes completely NON PORNOGRAPHIC purely as an art form!!

Just sharing some of them which i have been able to take so far looking forward to better models and studio!!

Am in for TFP work right now not expecting too much yet...so any one from cebu feel free to contact me!!

well enough about feelings ill get straight to the point.
i have about three years of off an on experience from training to being behind the camera. i started in 08,and have been doing it in 09 and 10.and have also had some training.

portfolio complet incluant photoshoot 1h30 , photos sur CD , plus 15 photos 8x12 avec retouches a super bon prix ! contacter moi

ym- vaibhav5444


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