About Me

My name is Sean Selfridge I am a body painter and photographer. I live in San Diego, CA.

For more of my photographic and body painting work check out my website at www.SelfridgePhotography.com .

I also have some time lapse videos of the body paintings on my website and facebook page as well. So you can see how a paint job looks..

Currently I am working on; clothing, ripples, shadowing, highlights, folds, and using models as canvases for me to paint my landscape photographs on.

More of my work is on my website http://www.SelfridgePhotography.com

Follow my body painting and photography on http://www.Facebook.com/SelfridgePhotography

Sean@SelfridgePhotography.com is my email, if you are emailing me please leave you MM# in the subject so I know who I am talking to and for your own memory I would also put mine as well.


Photo credits until I link the models I will just leave it as all of these photographs are painted and photographed by me. So http://www.SelfridgePhotography.com is my photo credit.