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I have been shooting professionally since 2009. Almost all of my previous work was travel shooting in Africa or covering special events, parties, graduation ceremonies and weddings. I love and prefer candid shots in natural light, but I am branching out into working with models who can "act out" concepts to be creatively captured and submitted to Stock Photography sites like The pix I submitted to register here were hastily done. I am looking for models to help build a "real" portfolio!

I will do TFP or TFCD for those that wish it (ie models or actors wanting a bank of pics for their portfolio), but in general, I do not expect people to work for free. If we are trading, I will shoot whatever you want. If we are creating stuff for stock sites, we collaborate and get it done, and you deserve to be compensated. This can be hard work, and it is time consuming. I can only do $20 per hour at this point, but I hope I can find wild and creative people who like to HAVE FUN in front of the camera and who can work with this budget.

In addition to the pay, those that work with me will get a DVD with two file folders: #1 - containing the trimmed down pool of edited, cropped and/or re-touched images (usually close to 100 or more from a normal session) and #2 - the final images selected for submission to the stock site. You will have images and pay within two business days following the shoot. (That's not MY delay on the money, that is the bank's policy). I do not carry cash at a photo shoot.

We will do two hours the first time. If we are both satisfied with the results, we will arrange a shooting schedule that works. I hope to find people willing to experiment with props, costumes or unusual locations as needed. A shoot or a concept may occasionally require that a model "dress down", have a "bad hair day" or even have dirt on her face! Sometimes the model will need to get crazy and display a wide range of emotions and/or physically challenging poses.

Models sign a Model Release allowing my company, HighClass Photography LLC, to use the images. The paperwork also includes a standard non-competition section where they agree not to submit the images we create to any other Stock Photo site. Apart from that, models can use the photos wherever they wish, as long as they credit the photographer.

There will be no nudity or sexuality depicted, but I hope to find good looking women doing seemingly ordinary activites, but looking really good doing it! Depending on the situation, some "implied" nudity may work, but I expect that to be an extremely rare occurrence. I want concepts depicted first and foremost. I would love to work with people who radiate sex appeal, but we are not selling sex.

Models are expected to handle their own wardrobe and makeup. Bringing a friend along for support or security is fine, as long as they don't disrupt the work flow. I want this to be a joint creative process; if you have thoughts on what works for a concept, or what kinds of shots show the best sides of you, feel free to speak up! Your brain is just as important as your beauty!! I can't stress that enough!

Models are paid electronically. Money can be placed directly into your bank account or I can load it to a debit card of your choosing. If you earn more than $400 dollars in one calendar year, I will send you a completed IRS Form 1099-Misc ("Non-employee Compensation") so that you can file it with your income taxes.

I am just starting this type of work, so my portfolio thus far is "light" to say the least! In the coming weeks, I expect it to fill out if anyone out there is ready to let their hair down, be creative and get to work!

By the way, I copied some of the topics that are "in demand" from the iStockphoto website. I want to "push the envelope" and find NEW and CREATIVE ways to capture images related to the following concepts:

Images that iStock does need:
•Corporate shots: Illustrate the many sides of modern business.
•Concepts and Visual Metaphors: Go beyond the literal, and help a designer explain something in a new way.
•Food and Beverages: Cuisines from around the globe.
•Groups & Teams: People working together.
•Holiday & Seasonal Themes: Show all the ways we celebrate. Include more than religious celebrations; let's see local festivals and customs as well.
•Non-Business Jobs: The word is filled with mechanics, garbage men, baristas, and more.
•People Interacting: Human interaction is a constant in this world.
•Religion and Spirituality: The rich tapestry of the world's beliefs.
•Science and Technology: Accurate and true depictions of the cutting edge of human knowledge.
•Social Issues: Poignant looks into the issues that impact us.
•Sports: For fun, for fitness, for glory. We'd love to see more team sports.



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