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When Photographers took to learning the real art of a so-called "Latent Image," well, they searched for and often found a job, first as an Assistant. Then as a photographer. And later you ran the studio or even better you bought out the other guy.

Or you did that so you didn't have to go back to school.

Yes, its an art and for some its also a business; so always remember its so many things for most of us.

But today, -Its not about the kind of camera or the format, or even the material you use ( as it was back then,- black & white vs. kodakchrome vs. ektchrome,) -

I started working as a photographer and a photo-journalist, well over 40 years ago; as a young single guy, 20-something; I was exposed to photo-journalism all my life; and after getting drafted and not having to go to Vietnam but rather to Germany being in the all male Army as a Personnel Clerk, gave me the opportunity to travel and see Europe.

After my initial tour I went back to California, did a bit more of College and lost interest just before graduation. I wanted to travel again.

My decision to leave college was to travel freely back overseas with a fellow old friend and ski bum & I had skied most of free -Europe with in the early years of my military duty with. Steve and I had planned this trip but never really thought it would happen. Now looking back, I'm not really sure I should have done it like we did? But, I did run into my wife of 40+ years who is my partner and a who was then, a wonderful German woman while I assisted a well known German Ad Photographer in Munich, (West Germany). After running out of money and shooting when I could, my labs bills increased over what I was making; so I re-enlisted back into the military. At least by doing the two weeks a year and once a month in the Army Reserve I'd have the opportunity to buy food in the commissary; and I was able to became an Army photographer and journalist; but I'd also have a bit of extra money for new equipment or fun money for traveling. The plus point to the military was, (that) I took schools for training in; -Public Affairs, Communications, Marketing; military and many other subjects. And in the summer of 1979, I landed a job on the German Economy, at a known German Agency (about an hour south of Munich, in Bad Toelz, Germany). That very year, I hung up my skis, and I stopped skiing and started another occupation. Instead of skiing for a living I was now running three studios and earning my income by shooting commercial photography.
But, -

- Having a camera and capturing images 40 years ago seemed like fun until one day you wake up and you have change.- Digital has long changed your style. Kids are making more money than you. And frankly I have lost the joy in shooting. I mean, -I've lived and traveled in most places overseas, some that people can't pronounce. But ask anyone here in the USA what that means? Absolutely nothing?

Finding interesting themes to shoot commercially since 1975; Later, I set out and made a decision to hang up my skis;- I did the unthinkable, -and it was then I got an moment of Sober Courage; - I went to the best photo design school in Germany, now called the University of Art and Design in Munich.

Then came the fall of the Berlin wall and change from Analog to Digital cameras!

Looking back - at my Kodachrome moments, our children are grown now, I've long since sold my three studios, moved away and that college degree doesn't mean shit hanging on my wall. My so-called archive of 30,000 historial photos; that I shot old school, but new methods are always up and coming, because if you don't re-invent yourself you just cant move on in this industry. So maybe I can help you?
I still design work around a model for a shoot; or work around a model after a clients needs ?

I shot digital formats only in HD Video (1080) or RAW in Still format

"....Fashion, - Art, Travel, Editorial, Product, -Beauty and fine art. Social Media and Product
Body parts modeling would be also an alternative. So if you want to stay anonymous, no problem, just tell me.

"BILL-SHOOTS-PEOPLE " (or -" i-Photographer.de")

Fine Art-/People Photographer

- 'Social Media '
- ' Public Affairs'
- 'Travel & Marketing Publicist -

email@ billshootspeople@gmx.de



Germany/ Europe/ and occassional USA Clients-

-My past credits and references, are far too long and detailed to list here; but if you need or want a detailed listings contact me:-'

I've got 25 + years of in working in multi media *(Media Affairs). As a photographer, journalist, and advertising consultant...
Chief Cameraman, Broadcasting Chief, Newcasts Director, and military public affairs Chief, to Print to TV, personality pieces, model reps, and Agency representation;
I can write product new awareness compaigns and have worked as a Publicist in Corporate Strategic management and PR.

My years of working in print photography; Accredited with two Press Agencies; credited with over a hundred International publishers; -( German, Japanese, Korean, Kwwait, Iraqi, British Magazines; California, American Newspapers and websites; - as well as Trade Publications; Travel Guides; and over 200 Postcard and Product Brochures;

- Over a Decade of Video and Informational Promotional product photography.
- 12 years Directing and An Photo Ad Agency Europe/Germany
- Section Chief Army Public Affairs and Joint Operations Experience (Enlisted)

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08 Feb 16 15:52
Ich bin aus Steyr in Oberösterreich. Liebe Grüße!
28 Jan 16 13:18
I absolutely love what you say in your text. So much truth in it. Und wir können uns gerne treffen, wenn du in Österreich bist. Servus!
09 Feb 15 10:21
Great work!!! That is an awesome capture of the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point!!! Make every day an awesome creative day!!!
13 Nov 14 23:26
I'm 100% polish :)
11 Oct 14 02:44
Thank you for nice comment. I enjoy your portfolio.
29 Aug 14 15:50
Thanks for the well wishes. I'm soon to be back in it. I enjoyed looking at your work. It' very good.
01 Apr 14 12:56
Beautiful port!
18 Nov 13 06:46
Great work
24 Mar 11 12:12
28 Years in the Special Operations Force (Air Force) -- when I retired, I decided to incorporate as S O F Action, Inc. And you? Active Reservist. What branch? Thanks in advance for your service.
16 Mar 11 20:27
The Model's Name is . . . . "C-Fresh"
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