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Dana and Suzie are two fun-loving female photographers. Our niche is classy boudoir photography for the everyday woman. We love to work out of our Metuchen, NJ studio but also enjoy on-location shoots indoors or out.

We use this site to set up TFF shoots to keep sharp and on top of our game. We are open to doing lingerie, classy nude, and of course we like to give our girls a little eye-candy so we are open to photographing male models as well. So if you are looking to expand your portfolio, or keep busy in your free time, contact us. We do work out of our studio full time, go to school, have families... so please give us a fair heads up before you're interested in scheduling a shoot.

Dana & Suzie


15 Jun 11 01:24
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31 Jan 11 07:03
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30 Jan 11 10:06
Outstanding images, I hope u have a great 2011!
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