PhatSOfoto - Fixed the dress, background, skin & face
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About Me

I believe in enhancing the beauty of the image or person. My experience with Photoshop allows me to leave texture to the skin by adjusting the contrast in the shadow areas and blending to create realistic skin texture and tone. So many retoucher’s over work the subject which creates a phony or artificial looking image that show models with belt-sanded skin, a lack of detail and horribly liquefied extremities. My approach is to create a clean, realistic look while enhancing the natural beauty of the model. Take a look at my before and after’ s. Retouch work takes patience, a keen eye and reservation. I’ve been using Photoshop since the mid 90’s. and am quite versed in it's capabilities. I'm not interested in trade and only accept payment through Paypal. To get started I’ll will need to see your image/s and get an idea of what you're looking for.

Best, PhatSO


04 Feb 11 19:00
Your images are outstanding - very inspiring. Certainly one of the very best ports on this site
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