About Me

I'm very much a visual person. Especially when it comes to beauty. I know that this doesn’t make me remarkable in any way, but I’d lay very good money on there being more people like me than there are not.
I am a photographer who loves to shoot a higher level of photography. I am currently looking to build my portfolio with those who can collaborate with me and create some awesome images. I am a very easy person to work with. Recognizing ambiguities is a very important key while reaching the solution. I am not trying to capture just physical beauty, which is considered as the goal of art by many people. I am trying to capture the psychology apart from visual values.

Creation is a kind of payment of account between oneself, a personal enjoyment and fulfillment.... lets keep it real.

I hope to do more photography with models to build my portfolio and help you build yours. I love working with subjects who are open to working as a team to get the best photos possible. I love to laugh while I work and have a good relaxed time. Contact me and we can exchange ideas!


10 Sep 14 14:50
Nice work!
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