About Me

Unique and diverse. That's what i want my work to be known as and I love working with inventive and fun people. Additionally, I like to let my photography and the model be the creative angle of my work. I have nothing against photoshop but feel that there is no better backdrop than your surroundings. Due to high demand I am limiting the amount of TFP work that I will accept but do look forward to working with a diverse group of people and expand my horizons, so please feel free to reach out to me if interested.

At the end of the day I want my photography to be a representation of myself. A way to show the world how I view it... no matter what you look at, there is always something beautiful to be found. I enjoy seeing a concept come alive and meeting/working with new people in the industry. Whether your an experienced Model looking to add something unique to their portfolio or an inexperienced Model looking to start building theirs I can lend a great eye.



15 May 14 11:27
Love your work!
14 May 14 17:58
Amazing port!
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