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Hi there!

I am a female photographer from the South of England and have been actively building my portfolio from 3 years now.

Having previously been a professional model for 4 years (MM#559686), I feel I have a good eye for getting the results wanted from both myself, and the model/client, etc. This also means that I can offer a great deal of knowledge to any new up-and-coming model who is a little unsure of where to start.

I work extensively with make-up artist, Rachel Nicholson (I have a lot of her work in my portfolio, for reference) and I have a studio setup in Basingstoke and Farnborough but it can travel where necessary.

If you are looking to build up your portfolio or advertise what you have to offer and would be interested in a shoot, then please, feel free to contact me with your thoughts and we can exchange ideas. I would be very glad to hear from you.

Chloe Isherwood

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17 Apr 14 23:10
Amazing port!
16 Oct 11 16:53
Awesome port love them shotz hott Pic approved
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