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About Me

My name is Chuck or Anton or Chuckie. I am a fashion/commercial photographer living in Murfreesboro TN. I'm not traveling as much now that I am teaching photo at MTSU. I do still work in New York, Nashville & Kansas City.

This is my Model Mayhem page. It is representative and an extension of my Tumblr page. This is where I hope to meet other like minded humans that want to create something for the sake of doing it. 

I love image-making and I am obsessed with human form and beauty. The photographs I post here are the types of images I want to further push. I hope this port updates quite often, regardless of comments or lists.

Models, Stylists, Artists of any kind. WHAT TO EXPECT?
Fun, laid back, quirky photo shoots. I like confident people and confident with your body. Most of my photographs here involve some sort of nudity. If you want to collaborate, you must be confidant in your body. 

Escorts: I don’t care if you bring someone but I bet within 10 minutes you will realize they were not needed. They can hang out and watch TV or play on a digital device of some sort. I might put them to work.

I am not doing this for profit. I feel when money is exchanged for this portfolio the images suffer. I do understand money is a bitch and many times I will travel to you if we are the perfect fit to create something. That said, If I happen to actually make some money from this, well I would get you some mulla also.

This is my salvation for not burning out on something I love. I love this medium.

Lets all play cool and treat each other with mucho respect.

Please message me if you find my work appealing and think you might like to play together.


Current project. Attempting to create images based off my mood when I listen to certain music. What I'm feeling in that moment when a song moves me.
Normally this tends to be, Moody, dark, mysterious, lonely, ethereal, analog, provocative...