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Hi, my name is Alex Klein I am a Professional Photographer, & Senior partner & controlling interest of my own Photography studio. I used to Model on my spare time, and I still get a kick out of being IN FRONT of a camera when I could find the time Lol... I have been in this business for over 25 Years. As I stated, I'm the Senior controlling partner of my Photography Studio. "KDM" On April 1st 2010 I closed on a deal to acquire "Reliance digital" photography studio's, an operation which included a very large client file (Major Accounts) over 35 Models, 26 staff Photographers and yet I still need to hire more Models. Myself, my 2 partners, and 3 investment Companies sucessfully merged "KDM" with "Reliance digital photography LLC" effective April 1st 2010. The acquisition created an even larger and stronger Photographic operation. My "KDM photographic Studio's LLC" had 25 models and 19 staff Photographers Now adding Reliance digital's 35 + Models and 26 staff photographers we are now stronger and positio