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About Me

I have been shooting off and on for roughly 20+ years now for various studios, agencies, magazines, and websites on a freelance basis. My work has been published quite often. Though this profile is new I've been around for quite a while. To put it bluntly, this is no hobby. (they pay better!) lol

I'm looking to network with local and traveling models for various projects, both paid and TF. Please realize that my clients pay both you the model and myself the photographer. I'm a long time pro and this is my full time job. I too like to eat regularly, so if I'm offering a TF shoot it's because I see the potential for paid projects with you!

If you like the small sample of my work within, please don't be shy. Get in touch if you'd like to set something up. Though my personal focus is art, art/nude, glamour/glamour nude, erotic, and fetish I can, and do, shoot most genres. My rates for mainstream portfolio work is very competitive, though I'd prefer TF projects where we'd get imagery that would benefit both of our portfolios!

Male models: I only work with male models on infrequent couples shoots. When I need a male as a "prop" I will do a quick search to find one. This being the case, while I appreciate your place in the industry, I'm not accepting FR's.

Photoshop Wizards/ Retouchers: For better or worse I do ALL of my own post work. For those few and far between times that I sub contract work out, I will do a search and contact those I'm interested in working with. This being the case, while I appreciate your place in the industry, I'm not accepting FR's.

MUA's/Hairstylists: PLEASE get in touch! One can never have enough contacts with you folks. Initial shoot will be on a TF basis, but after we've combined our talents, a "kit fee" is a given.

Escorts: Not fond of 'em for the most part, but will discuss this with an open mind. Be aware though, that if he thinks he'll be sitting around all day long doing nothing, think again. I will most definitely make him my assistant/bitch. (Someone has to lug the heavy sh*t around or hold the reflector, so if he's there, he's elected!)

Get in contact folks, time's a wasting!



My credits are too numerous to list from magazine and website projects, to multi online awards. If the work herein doesn't speak favorably to my talent levels, little else will convince anyone. However, my credits are available on request, as are model referals and testimonials.


19 Aug 12 09:37
Thanks for all your help and telling about this site! I look forward to working with you soon!
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