About Me

“The female body is an art form in and of itself. My work simply adds another dimension.”

I've been a professional airbrush artist for over 14 years. I travel throughout Europe, Canada and the US and my clients are predominantly advertisers and corporate interests along with upscale private clientele and celebrity events, especially in the Miami area, where I recently moved from.

PAID work... I am available for any of the following types of assignments:
* Having Fun (and get paid for it) * Model portfolios * Photographer workshops * Private instruction * Custom prints * Fashion shows * Night-clubs * Corporate events * Private parties * Conventions * Trade shows * Expos * Anything else you need or can imagine involving painting models.

TF work... Although I keep saying “no more TF work”, there is always that certain model who comes along who looks great and has an awesome personality and I end up doing it TF just because I love what I do and we always end up having a blast. So, if you'd like to get painted... run it by me...

MODELING for me (requirements):
- Female Only! (not comfortable with naked dudes in such close proximity :)
- 18+ yrs old
- Attractive and very physically fit
- Your comfort and PRIVACY are of utmost importance. Although you'll be nude while being painted, there will be NO nude photos taken of you. EVER!
- No egos, drama or issues, please! (I'm fun, easygoing and have a great sense of humor but I don't do well with egos)
- Escorts are welcome (as long as they don't hover)
- NO cell phones during the session (unless you're paying me. If I hired you... my rules apply). Constant interruptions disrupt my creative flow and interfere with your ability to relax and enjoy the moment of turning your body into a work of art. (I heard recently that someone somewhere actually turned their cell phone off for a few hours and the world did NOT come to an end :-p )

Please message me if you're interested in my work, in being painted or know someone who would like to be painted.

Thanks for stopping by


23 Feb 14 21:31
Amazing port!
08 Jul 12 22:21
I love your Port.... I have always wanted to work with a body painter, we should work together soon
23 Feb 12 15:41
thanks for the friendship!
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