About Me

Dear Models

Since 2001 I am active within a certain "niche" of photography, namely bondage (please continue reading, don't click away...).
I have worked with over 180 models from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Netherlands. This is not to show-off, just to prove that I am not an amateur within this field and I know what I talk about :-)

It is perhaps more important to tell you what my work is NOT about since a lot of nonsense is written about bondage and bdsm in general.

My work is NOT about vulgarity, NOT pornography, NOT glorifying violence, humiliation, rape and other attrocities committed against women.
My work is about depicting the beauty, sensuality and yes, why not use the word, erotism of a beautyful female body surrendering herself in bondage.

Some important facts on how shoots go on:

1) It is absolutely NOT necessary to be in complete nude. So if you want to keep underpants or bra on, really no problem (I adore actually beautiful lingeri, corsets...)
2) Do you whish to take somebody (as chaperone, bodyguard, accompanying you, backup, whatever) with you for a safer feeling? Really NO problem, I have nothing to hide (but please, he/she should remain in the background and not interfere with the work)
3) Do you whish to hide your face (you know: job, colleagues, familly...), really NO problem. A shadow, long hair, blindfold or just good old photoshop can do it
4) You will be tied up with rope, chains or leather. During the tieing up we keep constantly contact and I will constantly inform if you feel alright and if everything is ok. I will always in advance explain you how and in what way I will tie you up.
5) A "NO, not like that please" is a "NO" and will be guaranteed respected! The eventual person accompanying you has a license to flatten my face if I should not respect your limits ;-)
6) Being tied up does not mean that I want a willingness, passive person in front of the camera. I mean, do you have own ideas, please bring them with you!
7) My style goes "from art to hard" but again, YOU set the bounderies and I will not cross them for one millimeter! The type of models I seek are very broad too: really from "the girl next door" up to the professional
8) Should you after half an hour say like "euh...perhaps this is after all not my cup of tea" than this is very ok, no hard feelings. I will offer you (and him/her accompanying you) a coffee or a refreshing glass of beer/wine/whatever, and we will say goodbye like good friends. At least you will have tried something new and you cannot blame yourself :-)
9) Did I get your curiousity but you are still not sure? I can give you references of several former models (email or phone) and they can witness you about their former shoots with me. Do not hesitate to ask!

So what do you say? Just give it a try, it is really fun and just something...different



Several shoots with several models, ranging from pure amateurs till real professionals

Ask and I will give you some references. Shoot with Danielle (feel free to contact her)

Gallery active in the geman "modelkartei" too