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About Me

I've been doing this since 2005, and I've never asked a model to pose for me with no compensation. I understand the concept of TF, but I think it's waaaay overused/abused. I pay for the shoots I request and get paid for the photos I take.

I'm glad to be here. "Here" being istudio as well as alive and looking through the lens! Let's be positive, and have fun!

I've never met a shoot I didn't like. Well, except for that time a dog bit me. And there was that time the priest asked us to leave the premises immediately or he would call the "coppers." I digress. My point is, without a little sacrifice and a little work, the achievement is not nearly as rewarding.

I'm hear to network, learn, excel, and have fun.

Helmut Newton:
"The point of my photography has always been to challenge myself, to go a little further than my Germanic discipline and Teutonic nature would traditionally permit me to."