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Jeff grew up in the Iowa Great Lakes area of Northwest Iowa graduating from Spirit Lake Iowa. He attended the University of South Dakota where he took his first photography class and while it was a passing interest at the time he always wanted to come back to it. Graduating from Iowa State University, nature and appreciation for beauty was always at the forefront of his interest. That opportunity came when he married his ex-wife, Tonya who worked part time as a model. He found himself answering questions from photographers on how best to pose her, ideas for shoots, and he began to realize that he had at least as good of an eye for framing a picture as those who were calling themselves professionals. While he is still perfecting his craft his upbringing around water and nature are focal points of his photography. Jeff now lives in Hastngs, MN but shoot out of a studio in NW St. Paul. Please contact if you have a project you would like to participate in.


14 Jun 11 22:20
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