About Me

Born in communist Poland. At the age of 18 swore to live better life. Moved to Singapore in 2001 where he has resided since then as a citizen. The decision to stay in Singapore was motivated by his love to Asian culture and way of living.

He believes that art doesn't have to necessarily be pretty. It must, however, deliver emotions. He is also convinced that photos need time to be viewed carefully to be fully appreciated, which happens ver rarely nowadays when everything and everybody moves forward too fast.

His favourite photographers are Roy de Carava and Trent Parke. De Carava is a past master of making darkness incredibly alive and fascinating. Parke makes everyday life look like a big mystery. Both inspire him on different levels.

He does not see much value in photos of pretty models made for the sake of beauty appreciation. For him, this is the same as taking photos of flowers and proverbial bees. He searches for something more intriguing in photos of people, something that tells a story, be it sexual, kinky, dangerous, lustful etc. Beauty alone is not enough.

He is on a long journey to reach to the guts of other's souls to better understand himself.


13 Jul 12 05:54
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
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