About Me

Im a lincoln based photographer and i have been taking photographs for as long as i can remember, my interests vary greatly depending on who is prepared to sit in front of me, I wouldnt say im a pro or even semi pro as yet but gaining experience and interest from others all the time.
My interest in this site is to gain more experience and ideas for shoots and tips on techniques that i have not yet explored, I am open minded as to what genres i shoot and consider all forms to be an art in its own right and with its own audience.
I have an interest in studio work but love to get out on location and capture all kinds of images using natures own backdrop, manipulating natural light. I also like the post edit process to create effects and have dabbled extensively with HDR techniques.
Ideally i would like to gain more experience working with models, so if any local models looking to extend their port, maybe we could help one another in our free time