About Me

Just back from my very successful trip to UK. Thanks to all the models I had the pleasure to work with.

About me:
I'm an experienced photographer, working mainly at my studio in Hamburg (Germany).
As every good photographer, I always aim to tell a story with the pictures I take. Mostly I'm doing lingerie to glamour nude, with some occasional adult style shots added, but only when it suits the overall picture and within the genre of the model.

Work in progress:
Currently I'm preparing a new website with art nude content.
The content for this website is mainly shoot in black and white and covers different areas.
I'm looking for art nude models who are bendy and able to do classic nude posing.
Also I'm looking for models who are interested in shooting subtle erotica, e.g. women living their sexuality. The images taken can cover a huge range from very subtle to provocative, depending on the model and her interest in this area of work.

Studio days:
I'll schedule a couple of studio days for autumn and winter soon.
What am I looking for? Mainly models willing to work at least to art nude, bendy and toned body, no implants and little to no tattoos.
The studio days will be held at my studio in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg can easily be reached from London or Manchester, it's just an 1h 30min flight. I can provide free accommodation while you are in Hamburg.
Models who are interested to take part are welcome to drop me a note.

Feel free to communicate either in English or in German.