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Hi and thank you for viewing my port,

My name is Jim Petrusson and I am a Concert Photographer, I have shot everyone from Aerosmith to Madonna. Photography Is a huge passion of mine, and has been for years. When I work with a new model or band, I find that my passion is re-fueled all over again- which I think keeps me fresh with low burnout.
I shoot both digital and medium format film and have at least a dozen different cameras to choose from to match the shoot and/or clients needs.
I am open to any suggestion or unique ideas- If anyone has an idea and is not sure if it will work I am always up for a challenge!

And finally I twist my heart round again,
so that the bad is on the outside and
the good is on the inside,
and keep on trying to find a way of becoming
what I would so like to be,
and could be,
if there weren't any other people living in the world.

~ Anne Frank (1929 - 1945)

Do me a favor- I will accept friend requests but at least look at my pics- you can comment on them if you like but at least look at them-

I am looking to shoot some couples- Hot, Sexy, Steamy couple shots- Interested??

OMP profile # 186459

**** I am starting a book on Ink on Beautiful women*****
Message me if your interested!!



**** If you need help with a portfolio (and not just on this site) let me know what your looking for and I can come up with a very resonable package******



Do me a favor- I will accept friend requests but at least look at my pics- you can comment on them if you like but at least look at them- How do you know if you want to be associated with me IF YOU DON"T LOOK AT MY PICS?

***I will accept TFCD/TFP shoots- If you have a truly unique idea that you think both of us could benefit from….. send me line
The truth about me is that I really just want to shoot****


"Beauty is like a soul that hovers over the surface of form. Its presence is unmistakable in Art or in Life. The measure of its revelation depends on the measure of our own soul-consciousness, the boundaries of our own spirit."

-- Gutzon Borglum



Mayhem #281060-"oooh this is awsome jim! thank you soo much for everything, i continue to get many comments on your photos! cant wait till our next shoot! 0 Jess!"

Mayhem #406037-"Cool-the pics are awesome-I went through all three disks and came up with 60+ pics that I love-a lot of them don't even need anything done to them. You are amazing! :0)"
Karen Celosse- AKA Fraulein

Mayhem #364209-"Im absolutely loving the pics...I will email you a few i really like, as soon as i can. I cant wait to shoot again!" Lin Marie

Mayhem # 10782 Thanks for an awesome shoot today. You are a blast to work with and fun to hang out with. I cant wait to see the pix and hope we can work together again sometime. 0 You rock! Frankie


09 Jul 12 15:16
nice work and beautiful models. thx
19 Feb 12 19:47
I love your port, great photos.
16 Nov 11 17:59
Hi and welcome! Photo Retoucher here available for hire. Add me on Facebook for updates, and a chance to win free photo retouches!
16 Nov 11 05:22
Hi Jim and welcome to iStudio. Fine collection of images in your port showing your diverse skill set. I wish you all the very best sir. Jeff...
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