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About Me

I've been doing photography since high school and it is something i have a great passion for, especially in art for arts sake.One of the big things i would like to do right now is focus on more conceptual shoots with people and common theme series w/wo people.

Also a bit of modeling you can check out at

If you some great (crazy) idea you would like to try then get in touch with me and would love to chat about it.

I am always willing to consider TF shoots, but only if it will be beneficial for me as well. If you want to work with me contact me (via message) and we can talk about it. If you have a strong idea or concept of what you want to do i am more likely to consider TF.

If you want more images from a shoot with me than the pre-arranged amount i charge $2.50 each (minimum of 20 images) for colour correction, and $25 each full for editing.

Some projects i am looking for models for:
BAD LUCK SERIES (Each image representing a different "bad luck charm" like walking under a ladder)

ELEMENTAL SERIES (Images representing Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Wood)

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (Images cover all of the "characters" from the song by Queen)

DRUGS - ON & OFF (Series showing the juster-position of the high and low of drug use)

TATTOOS - I know it has been done a lot but i still want to do it

GIRLS IN MENS TOPS - Pretty straight forward, think shirt, rock t-shirt, football t-shirt, singlet, etc etc etc. For some reason i think it's a really sexy look and i'm sure i can come up with some amazing jaw dropping photos.

THE MUSIC IN YOU (Series that covers most of the music genres, with the music represented via the model, location, props and lighting to try and capture the essence of it) This is a series that will be going on for years to cover all the genre's and i'll be using my definitions as that is something that can change person to person

FAMOUS PAINTINGS (A series emulating famous paints... think 'birth of venus', 'mona lisa' and other famous paintings, but not just from the renaissance, i am looking for models to work with as planning each shoot will take time, so it would be more than just a chat and then shoot, the images will be amazing, but it will be a team effort)

GROWN UP KIDS - Series basically with adults, dressed formally (or at least very adulty) doing typical kids things, but with a little twist.

BLASPHEMY - A controversial series covering some touchy topics such as racism, religion, sex, these images won't everyone's cup of tea and are meant to generate thought and discussion.

TRAVEL NOTICE: I will be in Perth from the 29th of June for a couple of weeks

Additionally, I do not pay models unless I am being paid by a third party, in which case the model will be informed and compensation will be negotiated.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel within 24hours of the shoot full payment for the shoot, if you cancel 24-72 hours before teh shoot %50. I put all of my effort into every shoot and that involves a lot of preparation, please respect this and give me as much notice of anything happening as you can.