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About Me

I'm currently collaborating with models, muah artists and designers for magazine features. We are not paid in money, but rather multiple page features with full contact information, links to websites, and a questionnaire that serves as a biography. Potential clients can access and book you directly from the magazines digital format. Since 2011, I've shot dozens of features and had my own photographer feature run approximately every 3 months. All models, muah artists and designers are credited in the features of others. It is entirely possible to accumulate dozens of tear sheets from one shoot! Check out my casting calls for more info and contact me to discuss.

Full schedule in the galleries section at: http://www.mmlphoto.com

I'm not on istudio to collect friends. If you've worked with me or I know you from previous communication, I might add you. Simply commenting, tagging or sending one message doesn't mean I will add you. I prefer to keep my friends list to those I actually know. Thanks for understanding. :-)

Want to connect on other sites:
twitter: @mmlphoto
Gmail: mmlphoto2
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mmlphoto and http://www.facebook.com/mikel.louder
Anything else, just ask. :-)

When contacting me please provide a telephone number, so that if a last minute change comes up, we can get in touch with each other. Also if we're working with wardrobe (swimwear, lingerie,...etc.), they will want to call you in for a fitting.

I don't use anyone I don't know or haven't worked with on a client shoot. A few exceptions are those who I have got to know through video chat or have communicated with for several years. I've recently (July 2012) started to use the "friends" system on modelmayhem in hopes of adding qualified agency talent to my swimwear magazine feature shoots.

I've started posting my upcoming travel to the galleries section of my website. Not all trips are posted, as I might not have time for additional bookings. Feel free to contact me to ask about other cities.

Models: What I look for. I have editorial work that I shoot, I prefer those that I know to model for these shoots. I will seldom/never use someone I have never met or shot with for a client shoot. I just can't take the chance that you won't show up. Reliability, honesty, sense of humor and professionalism are just some of the qualities. No one will admit they are a flake, but yet they do exist. I take steps to avoid those by building a trust/friendship with those that I work with. I take it seriously (the business) and so should you. :-)

My photography website.



Swimwear Illustrated
Swimsuit Illustrated
Australian Swimsuit Edition
Total Ink
Inked and Sexy
Bikini Girl (aka It's a Bikini Girl's life in the USA) (Debut March 2014)
Hot Girls, Hot Ink (Debut April 2014)
Modelstyle Magazine
Southern Inked
Latino Bikini Life

I've also been published for other styles of photography including floral, travel (landscape, nature), events and sports. See my website galleries section for a full list of credits on my resume'. http://www.mmlphoto.com


28 Jul 15 18:55
Would love to work with you!
21 Sep 14 16:03
Nice port! Keep up the good work!
28 Jan 14 23:08
Gorgeous port!
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