About Me

My works are more likely to be natural and simple. I am not that into digital special effect, eventhough it's amazing what you can do with digital darkroom effects these days. I am not against that, it's just not my personal preference. If a client wants a picture with lots of digital manipulation as a professional I will do my best to meet his demand I am just a simple guy who loves photography and all the beauties out there. I run my own boutique photography, I do commercial, fashion, portraiture and wedding photojournalism photography.

If you happen to be in Jakarta, Indonesia or thinking of coming here. Please contact me to do some photo sessions. I will also contact you if I happen to visit your town

I hope we can share our knowledge and passion for photography to make an excellent works of art.

I always on the look out for models that can help me to build up my personal portfolio & projects.


Ailish Burns


24 Aug 11 05:25
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing Beautiful^^
20 Aug 11 10:24
Foto fotonya menarik. Salam
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