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Photography has always been my passion - now it is also my profession. I feel best shooting beauty, glamour and fine art. I am currently working on a series of dance portfolio and fine art portraits. The dance project involves using fabrics and slow movement of the dancers with ambient light in the studio. The fine art portraits is of black and white images using film trying to create the old Hollywood style of the 20s and 30s with a 2011 twist. From time to time I teach photography privately and challenge my clients to think outside the box. I look at photography as a means to another end. I enjoy creating images of simple beauty and can go from one extreme to another. I like to experiment with light, shadow and movements. I've been in the world of photography for well over 17 years. I've done from travel to fashion and take great pride in my work. In fact, I am too much of a perfectionist in the creation of images. But don't be afraid, I don't bite and work well with other. Well, I think that is enough about me. Now off to create something beautiful........

PS. If you want to shoot.....don't hesitate to contact me...I don't bite.

Always looking to shoot a new face......



12 Dec 12 14:20
nice portfolio. Only Thing Missing Is Me
21 Oct 11 11:04
Your portfolio is absolutely stunning and your use of light is brilliant. I don't get amazed by many or very often, but your work with light has done just that.
22 Aug 11 02:30
Welcome to iStudio.
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