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I have been doing photography for about a year now as a hobby but would like to turn it into my fulltime career as my current job is going out of buisness later this year. What I want from this site is to be able to work with different types of people in different setting to not only help myself improve and grow as a photographer but to also be able to help a model along with their dreams. My style I guess you say I am still figuring that out and I am open to anything. I do really like doing on location outside shoots. I can be contacted here or @ purleephotography@yahoo.com

I am located in Lexington,KY so traveling to Louisville,KY or Cincinnati,OH is not a problem. Another location I will be shooting in from time to time is the Memphis,TN area as I have a sister who just moved outside of Memphis.


01 Sep 11 00:51
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