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About Me

Bigelow Associates is a Los Angeles based communications network offering collective intelligence and authentic understanding of what unites and differentiates the needs of Professional Investors.

With over 20 Years of serving the needs of growth stage concerns, Lynette Bigelow brings a long-standing expertise in Investor Public Relations and a deep understanding of a range of business sectors.

Together we focus on insight, ideas and innovation: developing meaningful connections and communities; creating content that sticks; and enabling conversation and participation that lead to results.


Lynette A. Bigelow
When Results Matter

As investor anxiety continues to run high, capital seekers must rethink their outreach to institutional and individual potential shareholders – addressing a wide range of challenging issues even before the questions are asked. Given the fast pace of the global marketplace, companies needing investment capital no longer have the luxury of waiting for the positive market conditions. Critical investment decisions are being made at an accelerated pace, in real time, and throughout the world.

Today’s early stage investors have power. They demand information and details, and they will make their voices heard loud and clear in more venues than ever before. This is no time to hide. Only those who establish a compelling and forward-looking narrative – rooted in results, vision, and passion – can expect to count the analysts, their shareholders, and the financial media as partners, especially at a time when allies are in such short supply.

Lynette Bigelow Associates know how to develop a powerful story and ensure that it is heard by all critical audiences. We have directed strategic investor relations engagements in the highest-profile matters globally. As Senior Publisher of Community People Press, Lynette Bigelow has over 100 titles in print and on the public market.