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When the power of love overcomes the love of power. The world will know peace!

Moving to Europe in May

For more images and/or contact please visit the following links, listed in order of how frequent I update them:





It's up and running, but I need to add some entries, to make it worth reading LOL. Will link later!



Im allergic to drama, so keep all that crap away from me. I don't want to hear about it and I don't care who hates who or who is sleeping with who. Talk all the crap you want about anyone u want away from me, talk all u want about how great your are to someone else. Karma will take care of it all!

+++ I selectively rent my studio. +++ If you are in Miami or are coming and would like/need to get a place to shoot, send me an email with any questions. It's in an arts complex/art gallery, so u will have good vibes and good energy!

There are a few people who have helped me tons in this thing called life... A few of you are here on MM, you should know who you are. There is one person in particular who guided me and gave me a foundation... which I have slowly built on... Dan Norton... I will forever thank Dan, for the inspiration, all the lessons, true friendship and help! He taught me when I didnt know much and showed me how to be professional, respectful and a all around class act.

*** Always looking for GOOD wardrobe stylists for editorials ***

MODELS: When you go to your favorite store and find that perfect pair of shoes or four pairs... Do u go to the register and ask if u can take them free ? When you are driving and need gas to get to a casting, do u stop at the gas station and ask for free gas ? When you go to starbucks, and ask for your favorite drink, do you expect it free ? Im just wondering! *wink* *wink*. So, before u ask for a free shoot, ( which i sometimes do ) let me know... what do YOU have to offer? ;-)

LADIES: If I decide to shoot you free, I will shoot a LOT of skin... If you are shy and/or opposed to any level of nudity, most likely we will not be on the same page. If this is not clear enough and you are still unsure about this... ask.

Also, why do models freak out when you tell them you want to meet them before shooting ?? I mean, quite a few girls I have met here look NOTHING like their pictures!! Photoshop in the right hands does wonders, and I also need to make sure you are not psychotic. So if u want me to shoot you, we are meeting in person prior to shooting, no exceptions!

*Things that annoy me*

- Fake polaroids
- Fake tearsheets
- Seeing pics with "great shot" only cuz u see nipple or the kitty
- Spelling disasters
- Photographers who are little bitches! Sadly, it's a lot of them!
- Stupidity and Ignorance
- When models take things/people for granted
- When people read your message and do not reply in a timely manner
- Hand Bras
- Make up artists who charge a "kit" fee on tests. I don't charge them a studio fee, or lunch and drinks fee or gas fee. What is a kit fee!?!
- Models/MUA/Photographers requesting tags/comments! Lame...! I thought those were given if deserved on someone else's view, not requested.

more to come...

Last, but not least.. For those of you who leave pic comments and tags, thank YOU so very much... They put a smile on my face! Much love and thank YOU !!


I don't really care about credits, equipment, ego, camera brands, drama or trophies...
When it comes down to it, all I care about is my family, my friends, happiness and trying to do what I consider the right thing, which may not be the right thing for everyone. I truly love my life, where I am at and what I am living.
Not that I am perfect nor have the perfect life or the most amazing life, but I love where I am. I enjoy what I do and 95% of the time have a good time. I have met some good people and made some great friends from this site.
Life is grand! And at the end, that is what matters! Photographers, even good photographers are a penny a dozen, people who make a difference in your life in a positive way... are not.

Don't forget:
There will be two dates on your tombstone... but all that's gonna matter is that little dash between them!