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About Me

BEFORE WE START: My BIGGEST pet peeves are LATENESS, NO CALL/NO SHOWS, and UNPROFESSIONALISM. If you are a SERIOUS professional you will act as so.

My name is Chantea but I also go by Lola, I am the CO-Creator and the Owner of a Company called LolaHearts Cosmetics. We have a cosmetics line coming out in a few months and we are a traveling hair and makeup team. I am also the Manager of RAD FACTORY Photography and we do photography and promotions. I am a freelance make-up artist as well as a business owner so I am always on the move. I am currently expanding my business and portfolio. I am looking to network and work weddings and with models, photographers, companies, etc.

Types of things I will TF:

+ I will do TF shoots as long as I like the concept and direction of the shoot.
+ Clothing/Shoes/Accessories/Makeup
+ Tearsheets
+ Magazine Spreads

**If we do a TF, please do not wait forever to get the photos to me. A TF shoot is just as much work as a paid shoot so its frustrating when it's not treated as so.**

You can reach me faster by direct email where I can reply immediately at

Some shoots I work on I will bring my assistant with me to make sure everything is done on time and to assure that I provide the best quality of work I can. We are always professional and would appreciate the same respect in return.

PLEASE NOTE: If you bring an escort to a shoot we casted you for please make sure they are FULLY aware and comfortable with the type of shoot you are doing. Any interruption will be resolved with the shoot ending immediately. I am a professional and so are those whom I work with and I expect we are treated as so.

If you contact me or vise versa and we schedule a shoot and I don't get a confirmation within 24 hours, I'm going to assume your not serious about shooting and book with someone else. Whether it's TF or a paid shoot they both deserve equal amounts of respect and professionalism.

********* FRIEND REQUESTS *********

If I send you a friend request, it is because I am networking or there may be a shoot coming up that I am interested in using you for. If you friend request me PLEASE DO NOT send me your rates or ask me if I want to pay you. If I need a paid model I will look for her and offer her a paid job.


I DO NOT give anyone permission to use any of my profile pictures or site pictures in any form or fashion now or ever. Unless we have spoken privately or have signed a contract of some sort where I am selling you my images or I have entered into some sort of contest you have no right or permission to use my photos. If you have or do use any of my work as your own or for anything not authorized BY ME ONLY I will take legal action against you. Thanks and I look forward to working with you

****Some comments about my company and our work****: ALL. You guys are all so talented......I know you'll do big things.
-Model Stacey Smith-

These guys did an AMAZING job for my wedding... :)
-Cecilia Ann Kuehn-

My man saw me when I got home and said whoever did ur makeup did an excellent job n whoever did my hair, he loves it! Thank you soooo much both of u, I had sooo much fun with u all and I cant wait to see all the pics n the calendar.... I'd love to shoot with u all anytime need

"Chantea did a great job on my makeup for a recent commercial I was in. Lots of fun!"
Wendy Oliver
Company: Orange County Public Schools CTE


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