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About Me

Robert D. Ashby has been passionate about photography since he was in high school, where he purchased his first camera, a Pentax SLR, and began acquiring lenses. While in high school, he had the advantage of developing his own film, keeping costs down.

After high school, he pursued his other passion…his love of flying and dream to be an airline pilot. As a result, expenses prohibited him from pursuing his photography passion further back then. If nothing else, Robert is persistent and accomplished what he sets out for. He did “land” a career for a major airline flying around the world. Now he has his sights back on photography and succeeding in helping others from behind a lens.

Robert’s passion for photography is evolving as he learns more and more every day. It is not uncommon for him to just grab a camera and go for a walk, shooting whatever he comes in contact with, so don’t be surprised when you find yourself in his “sights”.

One aspect Robert has been developing is his ability to mix his photography with the ability to help others. One avenue is photographing models and assisting them in succeeding in their careers. Another is contributing to worthy charities and giving back to the community in other ways, including complementary photo shoots for worthy causes.