About Me

I've been a photographer for over 20 years. I'm a huge believer that creativity is a journey, a collaboration of many elements to capture that perfect moment in time that reveals the reality of that moment.

A great deal of my concepts generate from what I “see” with my mind’s eye when I look at a model or open myself to the surrounding world. I'm always looking to work with new models, with or without experience that interested in collaborating on creative projects.

“Art has no other purpose than to brush aside... the conventional and accepted generalities, in short everything that veils reality from us, in order to bring us face to face with reality itself.” Henri Bergson

I love to create, I love what I do and I make every attempt for everyone involved to have a great experience while working together. However,

I have a strict no flake policy. If I commit to shoot, date and time, I expect nothing less from the model, MUA, etc… and while I completely understand that things happen, I expect consideration and professionalism.

I'm open to TF* work and am more than willing to help models build their ports and grow within their craft. If my schedule permits, I'm here to help.



RETOUCHLAB (Photoshop Wizard)
Lix Raquel
Julia Popova (Photoshop Wizard)
Cami Piedras