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About Me

My background, apart from artistic, photo-pro and documentary work, includes 16 years of scientific field experience, underwater and above, with expeditions from the tropics to Antarctica. I have done about 1.500 dives and accumulated years of sea-time, hold commercial diving and marine licenses and have led over 60 scientific expeditions, usually to remote locations.
I’ve been working as a marine biologist in Australia for the past 16 years, or so and am now, finally, pursuing a PhD in Ireland (linking global biogeography and genetics of sponges and marine drug discovery). In between I find time to make documentaries, working as DOP, producer and on-screen talent; we're currently shooting a wildlife docu in the Mediterranean for Spanish TV.
I also enjoy fashion photography and am occasionally mixing that by indulging in my penchant of underwater work.
I also have engineering skills, so a lot of my gear is designed by me and custom made to high commercial standards. I e.g. probably use the world's highest resolution underwater still camera (560MP), which is (like me) available for projects.


19 Oct 11 04:52
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