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I am an amateur when it comes to photography but I can say "just give me a camera and Ill work it out. My very first experience when it comes to photography is with my Plastic model kits, because I like to see there poses, but later I shifted from plastic to human models when I entered the cosplay industry, I saw many people in characters they represent, so I started to take pictures of them and improve my skills. Later, a friend of mine, who is as fashion designer, ask me to be there photographer for a while so I took it, and they were amazed on how I handle the camera even with out experience.

I joined this group because some of my friend were here and I saw some portfolios here and inspired me to give it a shot. Now, I'm still focusing on cosplay because I want to boost this industry's popularity, and also to give me more opportunity to shoot.

People might say I'm not a professional, there right, and the only cam i had is a Flash less Digi cam, so I'm using the light and brightness of my surrounding, but it still works. Right now I'm trying to buy a more advance camera to improve my photography.


22 Nov 11 10:44
lovely photos you got ,,cheers
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