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About Me

I am a photographer based out of Rochester NY
A little background on me I currently work as a federal police dispatcher (quite dull) untill I get my site off the ground. Photography is a deep passion for me for as long as I can remember. I am a perfectionist to a fault and critique myself very harshly..... which produces great results.

I am always up to collaborate with other photogs, hair, mua, clothing designers ect. so if you have an idea I am all ears and again I am not looking to charge anyone for services and would love to help one another achieve our goals in this hectic industry.

BONUSES for tattooed or pierced models or any non size 0 models ( I am not singling any one group out I just really prefer to not be mainstream and conform to what magizines say is beauty.)


Jenna Rusnak 2815863

Tammi Connor 3021234

Chelsea Lee Anne 2389284

Yugoboy 3052181

Non MM - logiteh corporation Buisness headshots Badge/id

Mostly craigslist ads :/