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ROLO PHOTOGRAPHY "Just smile, we'll handle the rest."

' Hi, I'm Richard Overturf, a small town photographer with big ambitions. I own and operate Rolo Photography and I specialize in modeling and portrait photography. I offer services for events, weddings and scocial gatherings. I edit and retouch my own work and professional framing and matting services are available.

' I have joined iStudio to expand my portfolio and to find people who share my passion for creating beautiful images. If i send a friend request to you, I respect your work and would like to be able to refer your protfolio to someone. If I reject a friend request from you, it's not personal, it's business. I'm here to expand my knowledge base and connect with other professionals in the field.

' My services are available to female models on a "Trade For" basis if: it benefits my portfolio, date and time are available, and you submit to me iamges of yourself in outfits you wish to use. I welcome models to bring an escort (unrelated and not in a relationship with the model) that can respect the process and is mindfull of both the model and the photographer. Sometimes the process can appear flirtatious or risqué. This is done to envoke vanity in the model. I find vanity is key to a successful shoot. The escort should be helpfull to the model, professional, courteous, and respectful.

@ Find me on Facebook or message me for booking, prices or for information.





Cecelia Romero
Stacie Romero
Sheena Davis
Susie Akers
Kim Todd
Josh Jensen
Christeen Abee
Zack Carpenter

Makeup Artists:

Theresa Carpenter
Melissa Overturf

Retouching by Richard Overturf

Select Retouching By Stacey Romero

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