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About Me

Longtime landscape and architectural photographer relocating to upstate NY after a lifetime in the south. Over 30 years of experience. In general and despite the digital tools I may use, I am a traditional photographer at heart and resist following the latest fads or trends when it comes to my serious photography and the "look" of the finished image. Why do I do this? Because fads or trends come and go but a "classic" look continues to have the same appeal many years later after it was originally shot. My photography has evolved from shooting individual shots to shooting a series of images with a common thread that ties them together. In the same manner that I do not put limits on equipment I may use to produce an image you may see hanging on the wall, I do not limit myself to a particular subject. I capture people, places and things as illustrated on the site. Simply put ….....”I see….I shoot”.

Currently seeking models and interesting types for portrait/series shooting; particularly interested in the conversations photographs can create between the human body and architecture, nature, and history. I believe in compensating folks for their time and collaborating on new ideas, looks, and shots!

New to ModelMayhem - looking forward to meeting more of the community. Much more extensive portfolio available upon request!