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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:130 lbs
Measurements:34-28-34 in
Shoe Size:7.5
Hair Color:Red
Hair Length:Very Long
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
Join:6 Mar 2009

About Me

Im Haven! I am primarily a lingerie/fetish fashion model! I have been modeling more seriously for just over a year now and I have already shot with some really amazing photographers and worked with amazing models for project sets.
I am an artist at heart.... I model because it is not just fun and glamorous~ its also the most effective creative outlet Ive found. Expressing myself, my dreams, fantasy's and exploring the world of fetish of all different types has been an enlightening experience thus far and using my body as my artistic medium is just an amazingly inspiring feeling!

I generally don't like to categorize myself or my work because it changes so much and is created with a spark of madness, so as to leave the TRUE meaning behind the image or the set of images to be within the eye of the beholder.
I can cast a devilish glare upon the camera when Im acting the role of a dominatrix, or I can brighten the day with sweetness and light in a butterfly fairy costume... I can wear a glamorous gaze in a formal dress and picture perfect hair, or I can turn my back and become a gothic goddess and scare you to death with a look of pure demise...
I pride myself on my expressiveness and my versatility where modeling is concerned.

***I am, of course, always seeking paid work in any artistic arena. My rates are negotiable and for the right photographer or artist who presents the right project or idea, TF* is also an option at this time. Ill be keeping you all updated on the status of that, as there are certain times when i am exceptionally inspired that I will work TF* just to be able to shoot a certain visualized set I might have in my head.

I love to collaborate with photographers and artists on creativity and theme.. There is little that feels better than when I see eye to eye and have a sincere understanding on an artistic visionary endeavor with the person who is going to help me create the whole thing and make it work.

**One thing that feels even better than that is when i can collaborate with another model as well as the artist and make something really spectacular that we can all be proud of!**

I am seeking any model in my area, or near my area, as well as those from around the globe that might be traveling through... I would love to work with as many other models as possible on almost any project that might come up (with the exception of pornographic material, which i do not and will not do-under any circumstance). I will work with a girl who has never posed for anyone but her mirror before in hopes of teaching her something or learning something from her, in a creative aspect. I would love to work with some more experienced girls that might be willing to teach me a thing or two as well..

I am also up to doing any shoots that might be for makeup artists, wardrobe/costume, designers, hair stylist that seek models for portfolio work or other projects.... in those situations, if the photographer is provided, I am willing to work for TF* because I have very little experience with working with the staple industry people other than the photographer alone. I would love to have the experience of learning what the other artists who put in so much work from behind the scenes are envisioning when they prepare a model for a photoshoot.

Im very opened to suggestions or ideas... I am here to learn, teach, create and work.

I can be reached here, or more easily via Myspace (www.myspace.com/havengoddess) or email (haven@havengoddess.com)