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I'm 23 years old, and in the past five years I've followed my dreams of cooking my food for people and pursuing my Culinary Appetite. I've gotten an AA in Culinary Arts, which is my number one passion, that I've been toughing it out in the kitchen of The Club Inc. in B'ham, AL... all very fine dining and HIGH volume; Ran the kitchen of a small gourmet deli until the owner dipped; Learned amazing dishes under the Exec. Chef of Town Bistro, and tried my hand at Italian and pizzas. I know I can cook, I know I can lead, I know I can run my restaurant. Now I'm just going to uses my other talents to show the whole world the total package I'm working with here, I feel I've been in the back to long... I need to be seen, and heard, and loved by all!! So get ready folks I'm going mainstream, and I am really one of a kind! I've been a online model b4 as a part time second job, which made it difficult. I just did get time I needed to put in to make my mark, but now that I have some time, I just want to try my hand at it all.