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I fell in love with photography few years ago and that is something I simply can't and don't want to undo.

My photography is far beyond the level of just a hobby to fill my free time with.. it became my passion, my zeal and love. Photogaphy allows me to observe things around me with new eyes and a new mind set. I feel like I want to capture the essence of the situation, the emotion of the moment, to express its true feeling. And photography is only a channel I use to bring my own perception of the world around me to others.

One of the great assets of digital photography is that you can keep pressing the shutter almost endlessly until there is no space on your memory card and you end up erasing the photos to create more space. However, I try to avoid such "mindless clicks" and rather focus on a real photography to create beautiful images with minimal shots knowing exactly what I want to achieve - photographs which allow you to feel the scene with your own mind.

However, lately I've been experimenting with an analog photography as well. I've been always fascinated by film which brings new dimension to my creativity. There is definitely something magical about analog photography as it gives the photos incomparable dynamics and an intrinsic value. It certainly became the endeavor of my nearest future.

I've gained lots of knowledge about a wide range of different photographic equipments and accessories thanks to my previous job as a deputy for C.E.O. of the company providing photographic equipment, advice, and support for photographers of all levels where I also had a chance to use and test the equipment myself. I have great experience with products such as Lasolite, Bowens, PocketWizard, Seconic, HonlPhoto, Walimex, SM Development, Orbitvu, Elinchrom, Gossen, ThinkTank, Nikon, Canon and etc. I specialize in the use of all types of flashes and everything what comes with it – from strobo flashes (Nikon/Canon), studio flashes (Bowens / Elinchrom / Walimex) to wireless triggering (PocketWizard / SM Development / Walimex) and softboxes with their accessories (Lastolite).

Thanks to a detailed understanding of different photographic equipments I can think of many solutions required for all kinds of different situations - either easy or more challenging ones. In my previous job I also wrote few blog articles about wireless triggering, measuring the light, effective use of softboxes.

Better technology, better photo.. No, it doesn't really work like that! Through my experiences as a photographer I've learned that it is not only about a perfect technology... It's about feeling and... and good quality drugs..
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Just kidding, of course :)

Good photography is about observing and feeling things around you, seeing the details other people can't see and using the light to capture the spirit of the fraction of the moment, no matter what technology you use.



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