About Me

Digital artist passionate to create atmospheres (world) fantasy and epic stories...

Inspired by classic romantic painters like Waterhouse or the new vanguard as Donato Giancola in his particular and sublime way to mix old style with fantasy elements and sci fi stuff...and lastly my Muse Johanna, flowing source of my inspiration.

I begun when I buyed a digital tablet three years ago and it that moment I discovered another way to do possible and reach my freedom and reflect all my dreams..., but it was my vocation since I was a little boy because I've always been in love with art & draw to express myself.



25 Sep 12 07:32
Oh thanks! I'm happy to joined here ::: (\_(\ *: (=’ :’) :* •.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
24 Jan 12 15:27
Welcome to iStudio.
24 Jan 12 10:46
¿Quien será esa afortunada Musa granujera rusalkiana? :D
24 Jan 12 10:27
¡Hoyga! ¡qué buenos trabajos! :D encantada de tenerle en mis contactos ;) xxx
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