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Life is about living, not merely existing.
Living is a lifelong quest for things of art, beauty and elegance (a.b. & e.)
And if objects of a.b. & e. are not in sight, we create them, which is the whole purpose for which China Pride Studio is set up by Tom, an amateur photographer and producer of unusual perception.

Most people believe what they see; photographers see what they believe. Some people live; others merely exist. It may be the same street, the same occasion, the same lighting, the same traffic and pedestrians. To the eyes of an artistic photographer, there is a gold mine of unspeakable beauty, body forms in motion in the morning sun. Pause a while. This is life, right here on the pavement. To the rest of the bustling commuters, it is just another unremarkable routine to rush through; the destination lies elsewhere. Hopefully this site makes a difference to the meaning of life, where beauty and the beholder are brought together....

Life is like an ocean going ship. As sure as night follows day we call different ports at different stages of our voyage. There will always be time to berth, and time to lift anchor. There will always be people who wish to disembark, as other people are excited to come on board. Some stay a lap or two and get off at the next ports in line. Others wish to stay a bit longer, if only to see the ever changing shades of gold in the skyline. Rare are those who wish to go with you to the destination, wherever it may be. Treasure them, my friend; they are the ones really close to your heart.


29 Apr 14 10:42
You are an amazing person.I love to work with you! xoxo
04 Apr 14 12:24
Amazing port!
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