About Me

I am not your run of the mill photographer, I like to incorporate the natural environment in my photo shoots so as to create a unique and natural background that cannot be matched by my competitors. I'm an active duty service member who loves to do photography as a hobbie and therefore, I do not charge as of right now for sessions. I am trying to put my portfolio together and become a better photographer before moving to the next level. I am very professional and will shoot any kind of picture you want anywhere you want without all the unprofessional remarks that you may have experienced in the past with other photographers. Some types of photos I have done in the past are: Family Portraits, Senior Pictures, Self Portraits, Landscape, Wildlife, Boudoir, and even Exotic to adult oriented! I've helped two individuals get a good start in modeling so far with just a few pictures that I set up in a small park and a nature trail. So if you're willing and you have time to get a free shoot in why not take full advantage of the opportunity now?!


18 Feb 12 17:22
Thanks for the friend request. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!
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