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When I was a kid I always wrote small nothings, (what my mom and I called them when I was a little kid). I’ve never been sat down and told, this is a pronoun, and this is an adverb. I could always slide through each English class, barely putting in any effort, but passing the class. I remember in the fourth grade I wrote this paper about a war hero lost behind enemy lines with no means of food or water, and I loved this piece. I sent it to relatives, I worked so hard on it; when I turned it in, my teacher gave me a C and wanted to have a conference with my parents, the school counselor, and I, to talk about how graphic m


As a kid my mom would have me read one book a week, and if I wanted to I could read a book big enough to last a month. I loved to read, I loved to get a new book, sit down, and have the words roll off my sub-con