About Me

Hello am Dennis Johnson owner of Twilight Dream Photography
I picked up my first camera when I was 17 a senior in high school and have not put it down since and loving ever second of it .

I am now 53, self taught, and motivated photographer who gets inspiration from those around me. My style is very random and very unpredictable to what will be shot on the day. I am very casual but know what I want and what quality I am after. My goal is always to find a moment when the subject releases an expression that reveals exactly who he or she is, and to capture it when it happens

I look for models who are also willing to look past the normal and push the borders to create that look. It’s not only models that makes the shot look great but it’s ever day people that makes the shot great and the things around you that gives ever photographer inspiration to take that shot , ever photographer see inspiration in many different way’s where it maybe a child eating ice cream , or a couple in love , each and ever photographer know what makes a shot great in ever way no matter where he or she is at shooting at the time .

I have been passionate about photography for many years and it is always my goal to make the best image that we can on a collaborative basis. I do all type of photography work that my client’s would like for me to do , all you have to do is ask if I do that kind of photography and if I think its reasonable I will do it for a price.

At the end of the day, if I get one great shot, I am happy. I am very particular about getting everything right and making sure the model is comfortable and having a great time and making sure my client’s are happy .

Standard Headshots Photography Package

Headshots photography suitable for actors and models starting out, and for entry level portfolios.
• 1-1/2 hours professional photography at your location of your chosen
• Up to 200 professional digital images on CD (high resolution versions suitable for enlargement to 8x10; low res versions suitable for email and web site creation.)
• Rate of $ 300.00 plus a deposit of $ 100.00

Executive Headshots Photography Package

Basic Executive Headshots suitable for the busy executive.
• 15 minutes with photographer at your location of your chosen
• 5 professional digital images on CD (high resolution versions suitable for prints.)
• Rate of $ 350.00 plus a deposit of $ 100.00

And I will do TFP Shoots which will which you can use for self-promotion.

E-Mail : TwilightDreamPhotography@gmail.com