About Me

Im passionate about my art. there is beauty in all the earth and in every one, and I love capturing it. life tells a story and I listen with my camera. I see the art and become one with it. yesterday is forever alive in my world. say cheese. every moment is meant to last forever but not every one can remember it,but as I embrace the world and its movements, I hold tight and dont let go even when the high is gone I am still holding on.
when I have an artist before my lenses, I continue shooting until I capture the right moment.whether its a smile or a frown, it doesnt matter, it has to be unique and original. almost perfect to the spectator but flawless to me.
I look for the very best and i aim to work with the best, if you got what it takes to reach your dreams then I will help you get there. Email me ReflectImages@yahoo.com


06 Apr 12 02:58
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