About Me

I stay busy enough to be intrigued by photographing interesting people.

Message me here, on Facebook or Instagram if you need to update your portfolio or have a specific concepts in mind that you would like to try.

NOTE: If not serious about setting up a photo shoot, have no intentions of following through, or don't to respond to messages, emails, or phone calls, then let's not waste each other's time. I have better things to do with my time than engage in pen pal chats with those seeking validation. I'd rather commit time and effort into working with serious models. If you're sincerely motivated, let's work together!

I have no desire to engage in projects that are more suited to professionals such as weddings, engagement, save-the-date, senior photos, pregnancy, infants, toddlers, parties, etc.



http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/943634 Black Fortress Magazine, "They Came From The Forest" Issue # 1
http://www.bendsource.com/bend/qanda-with-tanda/Content?oid=2413636 -Taylor Maiden
http://www.theburrozine.com/hotlinks/Issue-8-webready.pdf/ The Burro (page 4 Circus Church ad photo)
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Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine • May 2014
2014 Patriot Pinups PDX Calendar
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"Power of the River" DOE/BP-4461 • November 2012
Vancouver Vision Magazine July/August 2013


21 Jun 15 17:08
Nice work!
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