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About Me

Please feel free to contact me if interested in shooting together, just send me a message and I will contact you back.

I am the only authorized photographer for Adversus. Anyone else who might approach you offering a cover model shoot for Adversus is a fake, and we ask you to please report it to

Creative director (and photographer) for Adversus online fashion and lifestyle magazines in all its international editions (

Based between Italy (Milano) and The Netherlands (but very often travelling to Asia)

Feel free to email me, we might be in the same place at the same time, and in that case we could talk about working together. I never charge models for the pictures I take (which in simple words means that if I accept to shoot a model, it is because I like the idea of shooting her, and it is ALWAYS A FREE SHOOT (free means, just to avoid misunderstandings, that also the model does not get paid, but she gets the pictures). If the pictures are good they will be published on Adversus and become a cover model feature - photoshoot plus interview). I am also the owner of Adversus, so if I decide the publish the pictures, nobody can tell me I cannot wink

Do not be afraid to contact me if you think we could do something interesting together. I - like most models here - am also very selective, but I will reply all serious model emails.