Crowly Blackbird - Blood Prince of Belgium
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About Me

Crowly Blackbird has had an amazing journey to get where he is now. As an artist/photographer/designer/musician/director/actor Crowly has found himself to become a Macguyver of sorts in the entertainment/fashion industry. Working with both the well known mainstream and establishing creditability amongst the vast underground movement, Crowly is an artist of artists. From standards sought by top dollar professionals to gritty rawness required to capture alternative culture, Crowly has been the Man for the job numerous times. Working without a business card His clients word of mouth get Crowly all the work he can handle. But this man of mystery slowly is making His rise out from the shadows and from behind many respected names in the biz, to forge His name amongst the stars.

"I am ready to allow more exposure into my sights, until the image of my mind is washed out." - Crowly Blackbird